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M. F. Sumtsov Kharkiv Historical Museum

Kharkiv Historical Museum

M. F. Sumtsov Kharkiv Historical Museum* is one of the largest museums in Ukraine.

It holds more than 300 thousands of museum objects of national and worldwide significance representing history and culture of Ukraine and ethnicities living here.

Museum pays special attention to researching of the historical ukrainian province Sloboda Ukraine (Slobozhanshchyna).

Museum exhibitions cover a wide range of historical periods, from the Stone Age (archaeological exhibiion "Na perechrestyah stolit") to modernity.

*The public institution “M. F. Sumtsov Kharkiv Historical Museum” of the Kharkiv regional council

How to get

61003, Kharkiv, Universytetska str. 5

There are 2 Metro stations near the museum: Istorychnyi Muzei and Maidan Konstytutsii.

There is a paid parking near the museum on the Universytetska street. Also within 200 meters from the museum (near the Kharkiv National University of Arts) there is a nextbike bike sharing station.

Open hours

Open hours are 09:30 - 17:00

The ticket office is open until 16:45

The museum is open everyday except mondays.

The museum may be closed on the national holidays.



A ticket for one exhibition costs:
6UAH (for adults)
4UAH (for students, children and teens under 18)

Guided tours

You can purchase a tour with a guide. Tour for one exhibition costs 30UAH. The tours are only in Ukrainian/Russian languages.

Free entrance

The entrance to all exhibitions is free for disabled persons and for children under 6 years.

The museum usually provides free access to all exhibitions on the International Museum Day.


1st floor

Archeology exhibition in Kharkiv Historical Museum

  • Archeology of the region (На перехрестях століть. Археологія краю)
  • Kharkiv region during middle ages and cossack era (9–18 centuries A.D.) (Наш край у 9–18 столітті)
  • Kharkiv region in the Revolution of 1917 and interwar period (1917–1940) (Харківщина 1917–1940)

2nd floor

Second world war exhibition in Kharkiv Historical Museum

  • World War ІІ (Велич подвигу народного. 1939–1945)
  • Kharkivites on the fronts of World War I (1914-1918) (Харків’яни на фронтах I світової війни (1914-1918)) free

3rd floor

Soviet epoch exhibition in Kharkiv Historical Museum

  • Kharkiv during 19th century (Історичні етюди. Харків XIX ст.)
  • Ethnic traditions of the region (Слобожанські мотиви. Етнографія краю)
  • Kharkiv in Soviet time 1943–1991 (Від відбудови до перебудови. 1943–1991)
  • Antiterrorist operation and Kharkiv region (Двічі присягу не дають (хроніки подій на сході))

4th floor

Cossack era exhibition in Kharkiv Historical Museum

  • Cossack era in ukrainian history (Україна козацька: погляд крізь століття)

Collection highlights

More than 300,000 objects of the museum permanent collection are divided into holding groups: archaeology, weapon, fine arts, numismatics, documents, photos etc.

Archaeological collection contains items uncovered during the museum's own archeological excavations, carried out since 1931.

The count of pieces of archaeological collection is about 55,000. They represents mostly cultures of Scythians and Khazars.

Kharkiv Historical Museum holds unique national ukrainian relic: flag of Hetman Mazepa (leader of the Cossacks State, 17ct.)

History of the museum

The museum was founded in January 21, 1920. It got the best collections from Kharkiv University Museum and the city Art and Industry Museum.

The collection of Kharkiv University Museum started to accumulate in 1804. Its objects were used for students teaching. This collection was one of the first museum collections in Ukraine.

The city Art and Industry Museum was founded in 1886. Its ethnographic collection was one of the largest and best among all city museums in Russian Empire.

In 1902 the nationwide Archaeological Congress was held in Kharkov. A huge previous search work was conducted. There were collected a large number of valuable objects of history, ethnography, art that revealed history and culture of inhabitants of the region. For participants of the Congress the exhibitions were created to demonstrate these objects. Later the most of objects has became a part of the collection of M.F. Sumtsov Kharkiv Historical Museum.

Also Museum got many unique objects of religious cult. These objects were requisitioned in 1920s - 1930s in religious organizations during the Bolshevik anti-religious policies. Many unique objects were saved because the Museum has received them.

At the time Kharkiv was the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic. Therefore capital museum got not only local history artefacts but objects from the whole country. A team of highly qualified scientists worked on study and completion of collections. One of the scientists was Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Mykola Fedorovych Sumtsov. Since the end of the 19th century he was one of the leading ukrainian ethnographers, historians and museology expert. M.F. Sumtsov was the founder and first director of the Kharkiv Historical Museum.


The public institution “M. F. Sumtsov Kharkiv Historical Museum” of the Kharkiv regional council

Director: Tsyhulov Volodymyr Anatoliiovych

Phones: +380577313568, +380577312094 (ukrainian/russian languages)

Email: mail@museum.kh.ua

Website: museum.kh.ua

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